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9 Unique Stays for couples in Kerala

9 Unique Stays for couples in Kerala

Welcome to “Discovering Kerala: Unraveling Hidden Gems.” If you’re an avid traveler seeking unforgettable experiences, rich culture, and breathtaking landscapes, then Kerala, India’s tropical paradise, is your ultimate destination.

Known as “God’s Own Country,” Kerala boasts an array of unique stays that will redefine your idea of accommodation and lookout for Romantic Stays in Kerala.

From enchanting treehouses nestled amidst lush forests to serene houseboats gently floating on backwaters, or if you are searching for Dome Stays in Kerala this blog will be your guide to uncovering the most Romantic and offbeat Unique stays that Kerala has to offer. So, join us as we delve into the heart of Kerala’s distinct and unparalleled hospitality, ensuring that your vacation will be an experience of a lifetime.

1. A Unique Cave Stay in Wayanad

Have you ever been to a mud cave and lived there once? Irrespective of the answer you might have in your mind, the stay at our mud cave will be a new whole experience for you.

Endowing the guests with a constantly maintained chilled atmosphere and unequaled vacation experience amongst the vibrant traditional arts, the cave will, one can undoubtedly say, stay in the minds of the guests forevermore to come.

It comes fully equipped with Amenities like a Minibar, Bathrobes,TV etc. which you can enjoy romantically with your love one in this romantic couple stay in Wayanad . You can book it from here

2. A Romantic Bubble Stay in Wayanad

This stay provide experiential stays in a serene environment, for a perfect getaway where you can de-stress in the lap of luxury. A beautiful romantic stay in the lapse of nature in Wayanad where you can enjoy the scenic beauty of night full of stars and perfect for your romantic getaway.
This is India’s First Bubble Stay in Wayanad.

First of its kind in Wayanad, this is the most Unique Stay in Kerala our Bubble stay offer the luxury of tenting experience which sits on a private deck in the centre of lush green tea plantation.

The fully transparent window and roof brings you closer to misty mountains with a view that never fades. With breathtaking views of endless valleys, mountain peaks and plantation, you get to enjoy a floating breakfast as well with your loved one. You can book it from here.

3. Dome Stay with a Sky-bed in Wayanad

These Geodesic domes in Wayanad offer the luxury of tenting experience which sits on a private deck in the center of lush green tea plantation.

The fully transparent window and roof brings you closer to misty mountains with a view that never fades. With breathtaking views of endless valleys, mountain peaks and plantation, we float above dreamy clouds making it a memory that lasts a lifetime.

This Dome stay in Wayanad comes with a sky bed as well which makes the stay even more romantic , so sit back with your loved one and enjoy this amazing stay in the tea plantations of Wayanad. You can book it from here.

4. A Villa on a Cliff in Vagamon

This is a two-bedroom villa overlooking the breath-taking views of the surrounding hills and valleys of Vagamon. As you enter the villa, you will be greeted by an elegant living area that is tastefully decorated by comfortable furnishing.

Overall, the villa is a true masterpiece that offers a perfect blend of comfort and natural beauty. Whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat or an adventurous vacation, this is the perfect place to call home during your stay in Vagamon with your loved one. You can book it book from here

5. Dome Stays in Vagamon Forests

In the scenic state of Kerala, a land of spices and kind hearts, lies Vagamon, the Scotland of Asia, flaunting its mist-covered mountains offering you a unique vacation experience.

Nestled away deep inside thirteen acres of lush green cardamom plantation of Elappara is Kerala’s first experimental geodesic dome stays. The resort also features a live restaurant which makes it a perfect choice for a peaceful getaway because good food with a good view is something you don’t want to skip.
This stay is considered as one of the most Romantic Stay in Kerala or even one of the best Dome stay in Kerala You can book it from here.

6. A Romantic Treehouse in Munnar

This is an experiential stay located amidst the rural scapes of Marayoor, near Munnar. Authentic and rustic, This stay is perched upon a gentle hill surrounded by the Western Ghats all around.

We encourage you to immerse yourself in this Special place. Take the cycle out for a ride through the village. Breathe unpolluted air and dance with the fireflies at night. Discover the delights of showering under an open sky, now thats what we call a romantic getaway.

A luxurious Romantic Treehouse stay in Munnar Close to the treasured Sandalwood forest and Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. Here, time moves unhurriedly, slowly painting the sky a different hue each passing hour. The eco-friendly constructed cottages and treehouse reflect barefoot luxury, helping you stay rooted to Earth but still be close to Heaven. You can book it from here.

7. Stay in a Hanging Tent in Wayanad

This stay is for couples who love adventure, See the wildlife passing by through the night and gear up for a night safari through the old British service roads to experience wilderness at its most. Go on a nature hike, see the splendid bird life and take a dip in the untouched natural pools of Chembra.

Imagine watching the stars in an amazing open sky when you are lying in tent hanging 15-20 ft above the ground and you can also watch wild animals passing below you, it will be a thrilling adventure , for couple who loves adventure this can be the most Romantic stay in Kerala, you can book it from here.

8.A Unique Glass Cabin Stay in Idukki

This is India’s first glass cabin tent which looks like the alphabet A and as the name suggests is completely made up of glass.With enough legroom to move around and a comfy bed is all you need for a tranquil experience.

The stay is situated on a hilltop which gives you a beautiful view from the comforts of your bed , a Unique Stay in Kerala, which you can explore with your loved one, this stay also provides amenities like musical sessions, campfire etc. You can book it from here.

9. Duplex Treehouse in Wayanad

This duplex treehouse is build at a height of 35feet on an organic plantation at the banks of Kabani river.

It’s in two levels; bottom level having bedroom, bathroom and a terrace. Upper level is the space for a tiny lounge with a river view or can be used as bed for additional guests. A scenic view of forests and a river flowing by sounds like a perfect Bollywood romantic movie stay. You can book it from here.


As we conclude our exploration of Unique Stays in Kerala, we hope you are now inspired to embark on your own extraordinary journey to this magical land. Kerala’s allure lies not only in its captivating landscapes but also in the warmth and hospitality of its people. From the misty hill stations to the tranquil backwaters, and from the ancient heritage homes to the innovative treehouses, each unique stay offers a glimpse into the soul of this vibrant state.

Bunkout lets you booking Unique Stays all over India, so check out Bunkout and have a unique experience added in your next vacation.

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